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Southeast Asia Back to Back: Thailand and Vietnam

Discovering new places is a great experience for anyone because experiencing a new culture is a form of growth and is a way to expand one’s horizons. There are so many interesting destinations our planet has to offer. There are two in Southeast Asia that are worthy to be included on your list of must-visit places. Thailand and Vietnam are interesting Asian destinations because both have fascinating cultures, have great cuisine that features a number of unique and mouthwatering dishes, and both have hospitable people that will certainly make you feel at home.

When you hear Thailand, several things will cross your head. Tropical fruits, lovely beaches, and wild nightlife are some of the things associated with this fascinating country. This is a place that will appeal to people who just love to have fun, be one with nature, and who can’t get enough of the beach weather. When it comes to popularity, nothing beats Bangkok and Phuket. However, if you are looking for a destination with a bit of elegance attached to it, staying in Villa Koh Samui might be better for you.

Learn how to cook Thai.

Once you have chosen among the Koh Samui villas or hotels as your place to stay, among the things you should try is a Thai cooking lesson. Thailand has one of the most distinct cuisines in the world. Whether you love native sweets or you want to impress your friends with an authentic pad Thai recipe, participating in a Thai cooking lesson is nothing less than fun. It is something that you can to together with friends, alone, or with a few members of the family.

Seriously. Thailand, Koh Samui in particular, is a good place to let your hair down, ride a big boat, and go on a cruise. There are many places that you can see via land transport, but there are even better places that you can reach by a boat. Check out some of the island’s national parks, watch the sunset in the middle of the sea, or join some other tourist as you catch some fish. Going on a cruise ,especially if the scenery is good, can be pretty liberating and is a good way to combat stress.

Detox in Koh Samui

Spa treatments may be very familiar to you, especially if you are the type who likes to feel pampered and who love the smell of natural essential oils wafting around. In Koh Samui, spas are very popular. Aside from the usual treatments like clay wraps, herbal baths, and sauna, you can also try book detox in koh samui.

Going on a detox retreat is now one of the ways you could spend a holiday in Thailand. Inside a detox spa, you’ll have a chance to achieve emotional balance, heal yourself holistically, and be better at meditation. If you haven’t tried Thailand detox retreat programs before, do it while in Samui at orion Detox Retreat Center Thailand.

Indulge at the beach

The beaches on the island are truly magnificent and picture perfect. The Samui weather is perfect for heading out at the beach. Whether you like to simply enjoy the scenery or you want to take a dip and swim, koh samui beach villas luxury will surely make you want to extend your stay. To make the experience even more luxurious, you can book a luxurious beachfront accommodation. There are plenty of best villas in Phuket that you can pick from phuketvillaretreat.com. Feel like a royalty on your holiday by making one of them your Samui vacation home.

For those who are looking for a budget friendly destination, Vietnam should be on your radar. This is a culture-rich place to visit and is ideal for those who want to have an affordable holiday. Here everything won’t damage your wallet. The liquors are cheap, the Vietnam beach resorts have good rates, and the food is really affordable. It is no surprise that it is a favorite among backpackers. Here you’ll have a taste of something new without blowing every bit of your savings. Here are some things you may want to try when you visit Vietnam.

Things to do in Vietnam

This famous Vietnamese noodle dish is considered by many as hearty and tasty. It is very cheap too. This is a bowl of good things—-a hot soup base, meat, and vegetables. It will definitely fill your tummy and put a smile on your face. In Vietnam, your dollar can feed you without any problems.

In Vietnam, you won’t get away with it. Here, motorcycles are everywhere and are staple modes of transport. Wear a helmet though as here they go really fast.

Silk is quite popular here and on your holiday, be sure to get yourself some high quality silk. Vietnamese silk make great gifts too.

For beach lovers, Mui Ne Vietnam is the perfect destination for you. This is the country’s resort den and is a great place to enjoy the warm weather. This is one of Vietnam’s most frequented destinations. Backpackers enjoy it here since it is easy to find cheap Mui Ne resort Vietnam. If you want to take your family to the beach and do it cheap, Mui Ne is the place to head to. While here, you might want to find the time to check out the sand dunes as well. You will love them for sure. Don’t forget to bring your camera.

If you love the theatre, you will love it in Vietnam. See actors in costumes and entertain yourself by watching one of these performances.

The allure of Southeast Asia is understandable. This part of the globe is rich in exciting sights and has a fabulous temperate climate that allows you to be out most of the time. While here, eat well, explore, and have fun.

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  • One great tip when Traveling to Thailand is checking the alarm on the room's radio before you go to sleep.
  • Try switching out drivers every couple hours.
  • If you decide on bringing along a pet on your trip, call ahead to see what hotels accept pets and what their fees are.
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